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Lakeshore. Originally the corporate HQ for WD & HO Wills, later Imperial Tobacco, now a block of swanky flats.

Download a Last Will and Testament Template.

Download a Last Will and Testament Template.

If I lived in Wills I would vote for Sam Ratnam. One of the most level headed and intelligent people I've even met.

Hopefully Labor will take this as a sign that their position on Israel Palestine conflict is untenable.

Forgotten books and how to save them

On the Neglected Books site, there is a fine meditation on rescuing forgotten writers and their works from oblivion, and why this is important. As its author Brad Bigelow explains:

I have been searching for neglected books for over forty years and the one thing I can say with unshakeable confidence is that there are more great (and even just

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Thanks for that interesting article by Prof Jolle Rollo-Koster, which draws attention to the documentary treasures in store for a new generation of historians while perhaps understating the wealth of evidence accumulated by her own!

The will of one famously independent woman in medieval England is available in the original French with translation & analysis on the resource page at

"The suggestion that paper copies should be preserved of the post-1858 wills only of famous people overlooks the two most important facets of wills as historical documents: they survive for people who otherwise left little record, and they survive in large numbers."


If anyone knows a good , and , preferably in South Oxfordshire, UK please feel free to pass them my way!

In the summer of 2014, paint was stripped away on this building in Whistable, Kent, to reveal a trio of well-preserved painted signs for the Will's tobacco manufacturers. In the subsequent repainting of the wall, the owners flouted tobacco advertising rules and wisely kept the signs visible.
This panel is the best preserved of the three, and features the signature of the signwriter that produced the work: Neale Blackman. I've not found anything about him in the few Kent street directories that I have on file.
Will's "Flag"
Empire Blend Cigarettes
Neale Blackman Signs
Argyle Road, Whitstable, Kent, at the junction with High Street and Oxford Street

Photo: Neal Lankester

US will executor service here. Not vetted.

So much for no today.

I have to find a new for my international . I've known this for some time, but today is the day I've begun the search in earnest.

I'm one of those people with no reliable or close friends, so I have to find a service to do it.

This is an issue that affects many so I'll post to the group, Insha Allah.

that professional executor services exist, at least in the UK. See link below.

Some of my estate will likely be in the UK so I may be able to contract with this service. God willing I don't have to be a citizen or resident.

Richard Ovenden wrote on 21 Dec that "Destroying historical wills is foolhardy and short-sighted". Glad to see strong support in value-added comments both in the FT (where there are now 60 comments online, v 3 in the copy archived soon after publication at ), & on birdchan (). Let's hope for a rethink!

Dozens of cyclists joined the along
Car passing Electorate /ALP office of MP Peter K.
Photograph: NCA NewsWire / Ian Currie


Open consultation by Ministry of Justice in England and Wales on the storage and retention of original will documents.

Consultation runs until 23 February 2024, and anyone can respond.

From Dave Annal on proposals to digitise then destroy the majority of Wills.

Comments at the foot of his paper will be welcomed.

New Zealand Last Will and Testament Form. -Online

Happy to be sitting up doing some more old document reading. And thank goodness again for easy colour/balance graphics processing software to make it more readable! Here a testament testamentar (Scottish will and inventory) from 1648.

Allah gives abundant or limited provisions to whoever He wills. And the disbelievers become prideful of the pleasures of this worldly life. But the life of this world, compared to the Hereafter, is nothing but a fleeting enjoyment.

* Allah is Arabic for God, not exclusive to Muslims

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Find out how!

Allah eliminates and confirms what He wills, and with Him is the Master Record.1

Footnote - 1

See footnote for 6:38.

Footnote - 2 from

The Record refers to the Preserved Tablet (Al-Law Al-Maf) in which Allah has written the destiny of His entire creation.

Correction: The post incorrectly said Al-Mulk 67 when the verse is from Ar-Rad 13. This was unintentional. It has been corrected.

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Download a Last Will and Testament Template.

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Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: The Royal Family Is Just Folding Prince Andrew Back in Like We Wouldn't Notice

Let artificial intelligence (AI) write your own Will in Illinois without an attorney. View insight and real examples from ChatGPT prepared by Michael E. Byczek, an Illinois attorney who reviews AI-generated Wills for accuracy and legal compliance. or for video -

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My brother passed away recently and Im executor of his will. I am sure learning a lot about things. Most of what Ive read does not have see a near the top of the to do list. Im adding it to my list. Cant wait to learn about probate and other things I never learned in school (sarcasm).

Don't forget to include your assets in your estate planning.

I spoke on this very topic last week at NYU at an event created by .

Culpeper County, Virginia Will Abstracts 1791-1803 by Ruth Sparacio Sam Sparacio

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This Antient Press publication contains entries from Culpeper County Will Book D, September 19, 1791 through April 19, 1803.

Carroll County, Mississippi Abstracts of Wills 1834-1875, Divorces 1857-1875 by Betty Couch Wiltshire

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners." - William Shakespeare

Today I make a will here in Spain. It's supposedly quite a different process from what I'm used to in the US, aside from the language difference! A notary does a lot of the work of writing out the will, not just verifying your identity.

The will governs only one's assets in Spain, but I do need to account for those.

An 83 year old woman who was not included in her wealthy husband's will has gone to court and been awarded half of the estate - almost 1m worth!

I asked a question about the validity of international on Ask Metafilter.

If you have experience to share and you aren't on , you can DM me here.

But do consider signing up for Metafilter: 5 USD gets you a lifetime membership!

The Tyee: A Burning Sense of Injustice (in News) - via -JamesPennie,presidentoftheBCWrongfulDeathLawReformSociety .C.seniorsadvocateIsobelMackenzie .C.sPatientCareQualityOffice ,EstatesandSuccessionAct -onsetAlzheimers

Today's finds me thinking & writing abt in 's fiction--in preparation for's World Congress! Here we are, w/' NGS edited by the brilliant Stephen Arata!

Losing a loved one sucks.

You can make it easier on your family when you shuffle off this mortal coil.

But you have to do it now. You can't come back after you die to help them figure stuff out.

This is so beautiful. From the will of John Atkyns, Scrivener of London, 1640:

".....I give and bequeath unto my most lovinge wife Mary Atkyns, to whome I wish I had more to give, for if I had tenn tymes as much as I have it were nothinge answerable to that which shee hath deserved at my hands for the sweete disposition, love & affectionate care she hath shewed to me and myne."

Back at work this week!

I will be giving a and seminar next week (11th January 2023) through the University of Suffolk on and in the classroom, titled 'Minions and the Makers Movement - Making Complex Learning More Accessible'.

I will be explaining how I have used and other creative arts to increase understanding of complex areas of the - in areas such as , and and . Come along to hear about the advantages this new tech brings - and how badly I draw things on a whiteboard!

Sign up at:

Really interesting about all the genealogical publications (I recently learned of Collins's peerage, first published in 1709 & being updated in 's day by ) - and of claims to authenticity based on ", records, old ".

Were many of those published The only one with which I'm familiar is "A Collection of All the Wills..." by in 1780: this came up in a recent conversation here:

& fork:

Court finds in favour of Gold Coast photographer Marty Tullemans' stepdaughter after will dispute

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