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EamonJavers Washington, DC The president’s legal team put out an initial statement that said: “the President did nothing wrong and Paul Manafort will tell the truth.” Minutes later, they put out a new statement that said simply: “the President did nothing wrong.” Eamon is a Washington Correspondent for CNBC + wrote a book on corporate espionage. Economy, politics, spies, etc. Leak to me:
SuperSportTV South Africa #RugbyChampionship - RESULT: New Zealand 🇳🇿 34-36 🇿🇦 South Africa HEROIC! THE SPRINGBOKS HAVE BEATEN THE ALL BLACKS! 🔥👏🔥👏🔥👏 Join your World of Champions for all the latest sports news & updates
NelsonForSenate Florida, USA New investigative report out today reveals Rick Scott invested millions in financial firms managing money for Florida's pension system that he oversees, raising new legal and ethics questions over how he's gotten much richer in public office. Bill Nelson is a fifth-generation Floridian and an independent voice that always puts Florida first. Tweets from Bill signed -BN.
MarieStanaway Parnell, Auckland New Zealand @cher Welcome to New Zealand and enjoy your time here in our little upside/down country Cher. @cher 🧐 In historic Parnell Auckland, we offer a great, cost-effective alternative 2 Hotels. Welcome BUSINESS TRAVELERS & TOURIST'S @
PowersTom52 Boston, MA @JohnWDean I believe that his legal career was effectively over when he developed this goofy face that he makes incessantly. I cant pinpoint when that started but it is his new persona. Goofy and clueless Anti War, Clean Air, Clean Water, Sane Presidents, Affordable HealthCare
RonnieDesai1 New York, NY @TheNickCRBrown @timcutler @subedi_parjal @GlocalNewsMan @anshyrath @cardootz @_BabarHayat @kan_nadz @Nizakatkhan75 New Zealand is mostly white and so is the national team. Same with Australia. America’s first homegrown cricket super fan. views are my own
StarCatBooks Bradford, VT Oops, and let me not forget to thank @JackieAshenden for Skyping in at a godawful early time from New Zealand to join us. I hope next year we can entice you to VT! It was fantastic to see you on @maiseyyates’s phone! Used & new books set in a small VT town specializing in SF & children's books. Coffee, couches, chat. Owner also copyeditor, proofreader, typesetter of 30+ yrs.
DiegoOlivera027 @iTankid Please man Ily, PS4 New Zealand Fortnite
DocTHawkins Christchurch City, New Zealand There's not much more annoying than sitting on a sunny day, in #NewZealand's South Island, with a sprained ankle, marking students' NCEA reports on "Adaptations and Technologies for Surviving in New Zealand's Alpine Environment". #teaching #FOMO Biologist and educator. Passionate about teaching science as a gateway to wonder. Keen diver, mountaineer, photographer, and for some reason now teaching maths.
afoodquest Digital Nomads RT Handfeeding stingray with Dive Tatapouri in New Zealand's East Cape is one of the coolest things we have ever done. Check out the photos here: #travel #NZMustDo via @RhondaAlbom Claire & Rosemary. Culinary Explorers. Our mission: inspire you to travel through authentic #food. Order Authentic Food Quest Argentina:
SkyRacingWorld Las Vegas, NV #skytips for Arawa Park in New Zealand. 1st post at 8:40 PM EDT. Exclusive North American distributor of Thoroughbred horse racing from Australia, NZ, South Korea, & South Africa. Affiliated with Tabcorp/Sky Racing Australia
auroratasya1 Auckland, New Zealand @koRMala_twt Thank you SO much for your hard work!!! I really appreciate it. 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 Love from New Zealand. #BTS #WePurpleYouAlways #WeLoveYouBTS Passionate about music. Bossy. Generous. Love BTS.
WildcatPW Cincinnati, OH The following match is scheduled for onefall! Making his way to the ring, from Auckland, New Zealand, weighing 220 pounds..JAYY WHITE! (@SeventhHokage27) Twitters Newest Fantasy Wrestling Company. Now accepting DMS for Superstars from any promotion. DM either the company account or @StephenBlack12 to get started

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